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The Sillvur Lining

Sillvur is a new London based jewellery design company that opened in 2021 and has been born out of necessity during the pandemic where we lost our jobs.

There’s always a Sillvur lining though as this fuelled a lifetime passion and love for design and fine jewellery. Jewellery has intrigued us ever since the day our mother told us the stories behind our grandmothers jewellery and when she passed down her those pieces to us at. 

We design all of our pieces in house and manufacture in solid silver and gold and even steel, so we can bring you the latest looks at competitive prices. We're best known for our intricately detailed gold huggies, hoops and stacking rings.

Our vision is to bring contemporary design jewellery and make it accessible for everyone by crafting feminine dainty designs at affordable prices. We want women to start building their wardrobe around jewellery season after season and buy pieces they will cherish forever and not just wear once. 

Our vision is that we want you to feel amazing whilst wearing our pieces and create memories and tell stories that you cherish forever.

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